Our Story

PACAL JEWELRY is a Turkish jewelry brand founded by Cigdem Pacal. The brand’s aim is to create modern, chic, stylish and staggeringly light pieces for you jewelry box. With its striking brand concept, ground-breaking textures, unique casting technique and refined forms, Pacal invites you to a new sense of style.
Cigdem received her BA from Visual Communication Design at Sabanci University and started her design journey as an art director in various advertising agencies in Turkey. She is deeply interest in geometry and architecture. Her first attempt to show her creative thoughts with patterns and lines were “wearable” earrings made of plexiglass.

“I was in Paris on a vacation and I bought a pair of earrings from a brand. They were giant red heart shape earrings made out of plexiglass. I lost one of them and I was pretty sad. So I decided to make one. I loved working with plexiglass so I created a jewelry brand for fun. The name was Angle Dust.”

With the encouragement of the online sales in America, France and China, she enrolled in the Department of Jewelry Design in New York, the Fashion Institute of Technology. After she graduated, she worked at the sales department at Stuart and Moore in Soho. She also gained experience working as a bench jeweler in various companies in New York.
“I truly believe that it was my destiny to create PACAL. I grew up in the north east part of Turkey by the coast of the Back Sea. I was around 5-6 years old and I used to make beaded flower bracelets. I’d knock the doors of people’s houses and try to sell them. My mom is a retired teacher and my dad is a retired engineer. Coming from a little town in Turkey, moving to New York to create a jewelry brand and having no one in the family in jewelry business is a bold and very long journey to take.”
The designer returned to Istanbul in 2016 to establish PACAL. She gained experience in jewelry workshops in Grand Bazaar. She improved her knowledge by observing the centuries-old skills of craftsmen passed down from generation to generation. She brought PACAL to life by creating a unique balance between tradition and innovation.
“I used to buy a lot of fashion jewelry. I love to wear statement earrings, big hoops and ear cuffs. But they all seem to be either very uncomfortable to wear or super heavy that I’d have to take them off at some point. So when I started to design jewelry my aim was to design pieces that are very light and very comfortable to wear all day and night.”
“I came across an interesting technique in Grand Bazaar and I applied it to my own taste. It’s like textures that are created from 0.3mm thick lines that forms different shapes. And the forms are hollow inside. So the pieces come out unbelievably light and surprisingly bold. But the casting is a little tricky and it’s not possible to make moulds from the pieces because there are spaces on the surface. So all the pieces are individually made. I love the technique and how light and bold the pieces come out. But we’re not using below 0.5 thickness for the durability of the pieces.”

The collection includes different sizes of hoop earrings, ear cuffs, rings and necklaces in gold and rhodium plated 925 Sterling Silver. The entire collection conforms to the mix&match concept. 

You can find brand at Wolf & Badger, Vitruta, Hipicon, Maezae, Porterist, Pozzo and Milagron.